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Bonus Spot into the live Grand Finale Event

I really like to reward people for spreading the word about our promotion to their LOCAL poker friends.  There are a couple of ways that we have already been doing this, but this offer is new.  Whoever gets the most people to Register for this current Promotion and play in at least 1 free online monthly event will get a spot in our live Grand Finale event and a $100 gift card!


  • They must live or work in Santa Clara County (or nearby with permission) and be at least 21 years old.

  • They must register on this website and list YOU as the person that told them about this promotion.  They don't count if they have registered/played in any of our previous promotions.  IMPORTANT: Lots of people on the Registration form for the question about who told them about the promotion just put "a friend" sure to tell them to put YOUR NAME or I have no way of knowing who invited them.

  • They must play in at least one of our free monthly online events

  • Note: If someone I don't already know registers for this promotion I always give them a quick call to introduce myself and verify they are eligible to play in our promotion (In order to keep things fair to everyone else that is playing) 

Winning this bonus spot into the Grand Finale might be easier than you think.  If you can find 3-4 poker friends to join in the fun you might find yourself at our Grand Finale event!

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