1/22/2021:  7pm & 9pm Mega Millions

Holdem Events

Official details....No cost freeroll!  This could end up being the poker story of all poker stories.....


Similar to our latest PowerBall event, but with 5 TIMES the number of tickets....$50 worth for each event....We like to have fun!  Spread the word...


Details of one of our recent $280,000 "Lotto" winners of sorts can be found down at the bottom of this page.

Up for grabs on Friday 1/22 is possibly your chance at a piece of $970,000,000!


For the free 7pm and 9pm TOC Qualifier tournaments on 1/22, the winners of each Event will share (50/50) in our (hopefully) winning Mega Millions Lotto tickets for that particular event.   Could be a $485,000,000 prize pool event!    

No password needed for the events.  The Holdem tournaments are being played online at


To play, just visit the site, create a free account if you don't already have one, and register into the 7pm and 9pm tournaments.  If you've never played on our site before, it is a 100% free, just for fun online poker site where we give away lots of fun prizes.  This lotto idea is just the latest thing we dreamed up!  Here are a couple of other free poker promotions we are running you might also enjoy...  Vegas Package Promo   and   Monthly Tournament of Champions

1.22.21 7pm tickets - not hidden.jpg
1.22.21 9pm tickets - not hidden.jpg

Late registration lasts for 1 hour.  You may only register and play once in each event or you will be disqualified.  You can check back here at 8pm and 10pm to see the actual lotto numbers.  I only want to show the numbers AFTER the tournament registration period ends for each event.

Since I know most of you would not want to be at a Final Table with a huge prize pool and have it "all or nothing", In the event the prize amount to the players for the tournament goes over $10,000, it will be divided up as follows:

    1st Place:    30%

    2nd Place:   20%

    3rd Place:    13%

    4th Place:    10%

    5th Place:     8%

    6th Place:     7%

    7th Place:     6%

    8th Place:     4%

    9th Place:     2%

And if the prize pool got up to some silly amount, I might even have to pause at the Final Table so we could turn the Final Table into a live event with ESPN broadcasting!

Good luck!  What an epic story this could be....  :-)

Kinda like winning the Lotto:   One of our Seller clients recently had us prepare, list, market, and negotiate the sale of their home in San Jose.  The recent neighborhood data showed the Average sold comparable (from 10 recent sales) sold for $1,236,000.  Our Seller was hoping to get $1,300,000.   We got their home (and our marketing) ready and we listed their home for $1,320,000.  After a tremendous marketing effort and some advanced negotiating techniques we managed to sell their home for $1,600,000..... $280,000 over their list price and $120,000 more than the most expensive comp in the area!  They were absolutely thrilled/stunned....kinda like they just won the Lottery!   www.1929CrestmontDr.com 

If you'd like to find out how we consistently outperform other agents and you would like us to do something similar for YOU or someone you know who is thinking about selling, please reach out to me for a free no-obligation consultation.

-Chris Simone  ---  (408)772-7113  ---  Chris@TheSimoneTeam.com