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Vegas 2008

Sent 6/30/08:


Several of you have asked me how it went in Vegas for the 
World Series of Poker this last weekend so I thought I'd send this 
out to everyone.  It was a great time!  Ed Stacy (estacy1373), 
Marcus Lam (Style Poker), Jeff Howell (jmh_pt), Michael Migdol (modaddy), and I all played in WSOP event #49.  Some of their friends came to Vegas to get in on the fun too.  Jeff, Marcus, and I all busted out pretty early.  Jeff had a particularly bad beat...pocket Kings...flopped K44 (a dream flop right?)...he ended up all-in after the flop and his opponent turned over QUAD FOURS!  Unreal!  For me, it was my nemesis hand (QQ) that knocked me out of ANOTHER world series.  I was getting a little short all-in pre-flop and got a caller with AQ.  He hit an Ace on the turn.  The ladies did me in AGAIN!!  Ed made it further until he was crippled when his AQ ran into AK.  He ended up getting knocked out by professional poker player Andrew Black.  Michael made it the furthest (he was the only one that made it to the dinner break).  He had ~$15k in chips, got pot committed with an AQ and unfortunately ran into AA.  Another tough break.


Even though winning that hand would have sent Michael deep into the 
tourney don't feel too bad for him.  He sat down shortly afterwards and 
played ‘Let-it-Ride'.  He hit a Royal Flush and won $50,000!!!!  I think 
it is safe to say that he was the big winner for the weekend!  Amazing!  
He immediately went and registered into the WSOP main event that starts 
this week...Good luck Michael!


I want to thank all those that participated in this fun promotion.  I hope 
you all enjoyed yourselves.  I had a great time meeting/playing with all of you.  It was such a great time that I plan on doing it again.  Keep an eye out for an email announcing the next poker promotion.


Good luck all,


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