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Lake Tahoe - 2018

There were actually two winners of this Tahoe promotion (....when they got head's up, Mike (gsavato) and Jim (Jim51) both decided to split the prize) with each winner getting to play in a WSOP circuit event.  Jim was unable to join us in Lake Tahoe so he and I will be playing in a WSOP circuit event at Thunder Valley in Jan.   Below is our Tahoe trip report... 

From Mike: (ID:  gsavato)

A fun weekend up in Tahoe for the WSOP circuit.   It's always a blast to play in Chris' promo tourneys - you never expect to win a seat into a big event, but I got lucky and earned one of the spots.   

Playing in Tahoe, it seemed like every time I found some cards and built up some chips and a good table presence, I was moved to a table where everyone else had tripled up.  I played in two tournaments.  In the first tourney, I felt like I was mostly holding my own but not really gaining much.  After several hours, I ran out of chips and was eliminated. 

In the second tourney, the same thing happened.   I was able to get a quick 5K ahead after the first two levels at a tight, easy to read table, only to be moved to a table with 3 circuit pros with 3x starting stacks.   I also found out at one of the breaks that on my right was Chris' promo winner from last year (Jonathan Libiran) who had WON this event last year.   I was between a rock and a hard place.   Then to my surprise, the champ fell, and Chris was moved next to me.   It was here that I made my biggest mistake:  not asking if I get a cheesecake gift card if I knocked Chris out.....   I should have just focused on something that I know how to do.   Short stacked, I was blessed to look down at KK and shove all-in.  Unfortunately they didn't hold up.   It is always a bummer to bust out, but there's always next time.

The most fun I had was playing in the cash games.  I managed to play at the same table with Chris for many hours and we had a great time beating up on the other players!  

I'm looking forward to winning my way into Vegas.  When does the next set of tourneys start Chris??????

best of luck,

mike (gsavato)

From Chris Simone:

I played in 3 WSOP circuit events while in Tahoe this year.  I managed to do okay in each of the events and make it down to the final ~20-30% of the field before getting eliminated.  (The events usually pay the top ~12-15% of the finishers).  I did alright in several cash games while there also and managed to play with some people from our promo which was a ton of fun.  It was a good trip as usual, but once again I'll have to wait to bring home my first WSOP Championship ring...  There's always next time!

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