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Easy Registration (Please Read Carefully)

You must register ONCE per new Vegas or Tahoe Promotion. Please follow the steps below...

Step 1: (If you have played in my promotions before, you have likely already done this step)

If you haven't already created a free poker account, visit and create a free account. I own this software and online poker site just for running this promotion. There is never any money involved and you are never asked for any personal or financial information. When you create your free account, you will need to come up with a PokerID (PlayerName) and a password. Please write these down somewhere as you will need them when you are ready to play in the online tournaments.

Note: Our 2024 Las Vegas poker promo is about to start!  Register below and you'll be ready to go! Even if you have played before you still need to register for the new Promo to get the password/etc.

Step 2:
Complete the registration form below to register for our Las Vegas 2024 Poker promo#32! Good luck!

Please keep us in mind whenever you have real estate or loan/refinance needs, or whenever you hear a family member, friend, neighbor, co-worker, etc thinking about making a move.  For those that have been participating in these free promotions, you will notice that we have a relaxed attitude with regards to pushing our real estate services.  We try to keep it "low key", and most people appreciate this.  One place where we do ask if you have, or know anyone that has, real estate needs is on the registration form, where we have just a couple real estate related questions.  If you could take just a moment when filling it out to think if there is anyone you know who is considering making a move we would really appreciate it!  By doing so we will be able to continue hosting these events and sending people to play in the World Series of Poker.

Good luck! But most importantly, have fun!

Note: If you cannot see the form below and you are reading this on your cellphone, please visit the page on a tablet or laptop/computer.

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