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Double your chances in the next monthly event!

How would you like an extra chance in the next monthly event to qualify for the Grand Finale for the Grand Prize package?  You can see all the different ways to qualify for the Grand Finale by going HERE.  You will notice near the bottom that I have 1 spot held back (I was trying to figure out a fun way of giving away the last spot).  Here's what I'm going to do...

There is still plenty of time for new people to register for the next event.  If you get a friend to register and in their first monthly event (either of the two tourneys) they end up qualifying themselves to play in the Grand Finale event, then YOU also win a spot!  So if you get a friend or two to register on my website and play in the next event, you will be doubling or tripling your chances.  I'm sure you've got some friends or co-workers that would enjoy playing in these free events....send them to and get them to sign up!  Make sure they list YOU as the sponsor on the registration form.

1) Your friend(s) must be over 21 and live or work in Santa Clara County or nearby.
2) They must register on my website at: prior to the event and LIST YOU 
3) They must not already be registered for this promotion, and it doesn't count if they have played in previous promotions.  This offer resets after each is only good on your friend's first event in this promotion.
4) They must show up for the Grand Finale event in order for you to play in the Grand Finale.
    Also: I check IDs and/or work info at the Grand Finale event to verify people live or work in Santa Clara County or nearby (or have received permission from me to play if they are outside this area).
5) You can have more than 1 friend sign up and fact I encourage it!!

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