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Tahoe: Nov 7th-9th, 2008

We had a great time on our Lake Tahoe poker weekend.  Ben Brewer (ID: BenRBrewer...winner of our poker promotion #3) and his wife were there, along with Tim (ID: gomester) and Donna (ID: smallbucket) Gomes.  We played in 3 World Series of Poker circuit events together.  Below are the results.

Friday Event #1: 

Chris only made it to the second round.  Busted on a bad move against a guy that flopped the nut flush.  Donna started out very strong.  After about 3 rounds she built up a chip stack of about $36,000 (started with 6k) and was probably in the top 20 chip leaders.  505 players total.  She ended up busting out with AA against a K7 that caught a flush just before the dinner break in round 9…out at ~150 players left.   Paid 55 players.  Ben played a solid, conservative game and built up a decent chip stack.  He took a few lumps before the dinner break and was getting a little short stacked.  He ended up all-in with a KQs and busted out ~130th.  A great showing by both Donna and Ben!

Saturday Event #2:

I almost doubled up early with AQs (flop was Q72), after getting all my chips in before the turn with a check raise against a weak player that called me for all his chips with AKo!  The guy hit his 3-outer king on the river to send me to the sidelines.  Ben didn’t get much traction in this event and was out a little after.  Tim made a good run at it.  With 305 participants, Tim finished in the $$$ by coming in 32nd.  Great job Tim!

Sunday Event #3:

Chris was getting a little short stacked and moved with KQs.  Hit his queen on the turn and pushed all-in only to run into a guy with JJ that had hit his set on the flop.  Ugh!  Ben made it a little further, but couldn’t manage to build a stack.  Tim once again put on a show!  He made it all the way to 12th place and once again made it into the money!  


Also worth mentioning... Two others that we know that play in our online promotions were in Tahoe playing and did quite well.  Jonathan Libiran (Triskelion1) took 11th place in Event #2 and Ida Siconolfi (sissycat) made it to the final table and finished 6th in the Ladies Event.  Congrats!

All in all, a very fun weekend.  

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