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Buyer Benefits Working with The Simone Team

We have been helping buyers exceed their real estate goals for almost 2 decades.  Over that time, we have developed some truly innovative ways to help our buyer clients (especially in this competitive environment).  Below is a partial list of things that help us to go well above and beyond what other agents are doing for their clients.  If you are currently thinking about interviewing agents to help you find your dream home, perhaps you’ll find this Buyer Agent Selection Guide helpful.


Top Reasons to work with The Simone Team

We have a “Guaranteed Home Finder“ Program

  • If we don’t get you into contract on a home within 45 days we’ll pay you $2500!

  • When you see all the things we do below, you’ll understand why we are so confident

  • Note: If you aren't interested in a home that quickly, that's fine too...we never want anyone to feel rushed!

We have a SECRET List of Unlisted Homes for sale (currently over 100 and it's growing all the time...)

We are one of the few agents in the area still getting bank owned foreclosure listings (REOs)

  • We usually have 3-10 of our own bank foreclosure listings at any time

  • Some of these sell before ever being available to the general public

  • Several of these properties go to our clients for good deals

  • Here's a map of all the bank owned listings we've had/sold over the last 3 years

We have unique access to distressed, off-market homes that are hard for others to find

  • We have special software which shows us all the homes in pre-foreclosure in any zipcode (motivated sellers)

  • The software also shows us all the homes which are about to be foreclosed (very motivated sellers!)

  • We can show you a list of over 600 such distressed homes in the county!

  • Would you like to see them on a map?  Here they are!

We are members of an exclusive network limited to only VERIFIED top producers in the county (only the Top Producing 10% of agents are eligible).  Gives us access to pre-MLS properties above and beyond our secret list of unlisted homes.

  • Most agents don’t even know this network exists because they are not eligible

  • Ask your agent if they are a member of TAN and you will probably get back a blank stare…

  • What does this mean?  Visit to find out!

We have One-of-a-Kind proprietary software to find the best deals on the MLS

  • Nobody else has this…we created it ourselves for our clients!

  • Our secret website shows our clients all the deals that are 10-30% below average TODAY!  

  • Sneak Peak:

We have software to send you the best Zillow deals on the market

We have a unique technique to get homes for 5-13% below the list price

  • With limited competition, even in this market! 

  • We know of no other agent using this technique!

  • Ask us how...

We have access to some powerful school related home search tools

  • Most other agents do not know about this tool (costs us $$$ but our Buyer clients are worth it).  If schools are important to you then you will benefit greatly by using this tool!

  • For more info, take a look at:

Access and experience with new online auctions to acquire discount bank owned properties (we’ve done more than 75 over the last 3 years for our clients!)

We have an expansive Buyer’s Needs Network with over 6000 local agents across all local brokerages

  • Most agents only know 20-30 other agents that they talk to in their office

We have an automated Email Notification System so you will know about new listings before almost everyone else

  • By learning about the best deals right away it increases your chances of getting it!

We offer nearly 24hr access to our TEAM of Realtors working for you

  • If you call me right now, I’m willing to bet you Starbucks I will answer!   Chris: (408)772-7113

We are a Top Producing Team and know how to get the job done!

  • In the Top 1% of all agents in the County

  • Licensed since 1999

  • Agent/Broker/MBA

  • Unique tools and techniques to add value for our Buyer clients

And lastly, we have a Happiness Guarantee!

  • If you aren’t happy about your purchase we will sell your home for free and find you a new one!

Email or call us today for a free consultation so you can find out about all the benefits we can bring to the table for you!   You can reach Chris at: or give him a call at (408)772-7113.  Or simply fill out the form below.

Success! Message received. We will be in contact shortly. If you can't wait and would like to talk right now, please give Chris a call at (408)772-7113

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