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Triple-Bonus Fall Promo WarmUp Event!

Note: This is an offer from the past...

Our new multi-month Lake Tahoe poker promo is about to start....Hope you can join us!


The first real events start Tuesday 7/28 at 7pm.  BUT, I'm having a Triple - BONUS Warm-Up event on Friday 7/24 at 7pm if you are interested.  This will be especially good for new players to get used to the online experience (...and give you a chance/reason to Spread the Word).


Friday 7/24 7pm online:  TST "Invite a Friend" Fall Promo Warm-Up


       1st Place:  $50 gift card (....or $150....see below)

       2nd Place: $25 gift card (....or $75....see below)

       3rd Place:  $15 gift card (....or $45....see below)

       Bounty on SimoneTeam:  $25 gift card (....or $75....see below)


       BONUS:  If you Register for the Fall Promo HERE and you get a LOCAL friend/family/co-worker/neighbor/etc to also Register for the Fall Promo (and list you as the person who got them to join) and play in this Warm-Up event, then if you win any of the above prizes they will automatically be TRIPLED!  Note: Players must live or work in Santa Clara County (or nearby) to be eligible to play in our promo.  If you have already registered for this Fall 2020 Promo you do NOT need to re-Register.


The psword to the Warm-Up event will be sent out to those who Register for the promo.


I hope you and your families are keeping safe and healthy and I hope to see you online soon ( about tonight??)!   


Poker game site:

Poker Promo site:

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