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List of all previous TOC winners is at the bottom of this page.

Announcing the "Monthly Tournament of Champions" series!  On the last day of each month, I will host a free online holdem event at 7pm that you must qualify for to play.  In order to qualify for the Monthly Tournament of Champions, you must win one of the Daily 7pm or 9pm events.  If you qualify more than once, you will get a bigger starting stack in the Tournament of Champions at the end of the month!


Prizes for the Monthly Tournament of Champions this month will be: 

    1st Place -     $150 gift card

    2nd Place -    $100 gift card

    3rd Place -      $75 gift card

    4th Place -      $50 gift card

    5th Place -      $25 gift card

    6th Place -      $25 gift card

    Bounty on SimoneTeam - $25 gift card

Every night you are invited to play in a free "TOC Qualifier" No Limit Holdem event at 7pm and 9pm (turbo).  The winners every night earn a spot in the Monthly Tournament of Champions event.  For each time you qualify for the Monthly event, you will get $5000 in starting chips.  So if you qualify twice or three times, you will start the Monthly Tournament of Champions with a double stack, triple stack, etc in chips.  The more times you qualify the better your chances!

Hope you can join whatever nights you are available!  Enjoy!

OPEN TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PLAY... Feel free to forward to any of your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc who live in the SF Bay Area.

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TOC winners to date:

      May  Tournament of Champions winner:  Dlopez3379

      June Tournament of Champions winner:  zsleepy

      July  Tournament of Champions winner:  SuddenSam

      Aug  Tournament of Champions winner:  6xChamps

      Sept  Tournament of Champions winner:  cdajol2

      Oct    Tournament of Champions winner:  cdajol2  (<--- WOW...back-to-back!)

      Nov   Tournament of Champions winner:  Potodds

      Dec   Tournament of Champions winner:  MsKimii, FUNSHINE, 6xChamps (chopped 1st through 3rd)

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