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Vegas: 2015

Business in 2015 has been absolutely booming, so unfortunately I have not had the time to put on our usual Simone Team Poker promotion.  I did manage to get away to Vegas with my guest Mark Thompson (ID: MarkT123).  We both had a great time in Vegas and did reasonably well in the WSOP event.  I lasted about 7.5 hours before getting knocked out, and I believe Mark made it to about hour 10.  Neither of us made it to the money in that event, but fun none-the-less.

I did manage to redeem myself from my last visit to Vegas for the WSOP.  During that trip, I played in one of the Rio's nightly deepstack tournaments with over 1300 players, got to the final table as the chip leader(!), but ended up busting out a very disappointing 8th place...   During this recent trip after getting knocked out of the $1500 WSOP event after 7.5 hours I decided to get into the 6pm $185 deepstack tourney with over 700 players.  To make a long story short, I managed to once again get to the final table!  This time, I was determined to hang in there and do better than last time.  I had an average sized stack and managed to battle for quite a while.  After playing for 13.5hrs in this tournament I was finally head's up!  The other player knocked out the 3rd place finisher and had a ~2.5:1 chip lead over me.  After playing a couple hands head's up we decided to basically chop the 1st and 2nd place prizes (a very nice $15,000 win!).  After 21hrs of playing poker it was finally time for bed!  A great finish to a very long day...

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