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I've been helping sellers sell their homes now for almost 2 decades.  Over the years, I have put together a tremendous marketing plan that first gets the home ready for market (without the seller overspending on unnecessary renovations), and then providing maximum exposure for the home to optimize the sales price (not easy to do).  And of course, there's plenty of negotiations that need to take place between other agents, potential buyers, inspectors, title companies, lenders, etc. 

Let me tell you something that might surprise you....Just about anyone can sell your home, especially in this market.  You can even sell your home on your own.  But I need to caution you....Not everyone can get you the MAXIMUM sales price!  There is a lot more to the art of selling a home than simply putting a sign in the yard and putting it on the MLS (...which sadly is what most real estate agents do).  Most sellers (and agents!) don't know this, but there are over 30 critical activities which need to happen if you want to maximize your sales price.  Here is a partial list of some of those items...

  • Before the home ever makes it onto the MLS, there are critical things which need to happen in order to set the deal up for success.  It requires a lot of experience to know exactly what those steps are, and missing any one of them could result in a significant reduction in overall $$$ to the seller.  I routinely see inexperienced agents making mistakes that cost their clients money, and the sad thing is that the client will never even know (because those agents aren't even aware of the mistakes they are making!)

  • Professional in-home consultation to make sure the home is in proper marketing condition:  It doesn't mean you need to spend a lot over-preparing, but knowing the proper balance to help optimize your time, effort, and dollars will go a long way.

  • Professional daytime photos:  I am not a professional photographer...and either is that other agent who snaps home photos for their listings with their cellphone!  I rely on professional photographers with expensive equipment and the knowledge of how best to capture a home's features.  Since most home shoppers start their home buying journey online, it is imperative we have the best photos possible to highlight your property.  Most agents don't want to do professional photos because it costs them $$$.

  • Professional twilight photos:  These are beautiful external photos taken at dusk with special lenses and all the lights on inside the home to make it sparkle.  Really makes the home look elegant!  Most agents don't do twilight photos and their seller clients are missing out!

  • Professional aerial photos:  When appropriate/necessary, we'll get photos from up above to showcase your property, the neighborhood, etc.  We have our own aerial drone with a high resolution camera to capture these photos.  Sometimes the best angles to capture a backyard, for example, are from up above.  This is just another way we make your property stand out.  

  • Professional 3D walk-through / rendering of your home:  Wow...this is a very cool tool we use to market your home.  Take a look here at an example.  Click and drag your cursor, or use the arrow keys on your keyboard and you can take a virtual tour of the home from where ever you are.  We recently sold a $3,500,000 home to a person living overseas who had never physically visited the property using this tool, allowing them to "walk through" the home 7000 miles away!  They were the highest bidder.  Here's another example.  We can also use this tool to create different floorplan views of your home.  Is the highest bidder/offer on your home going to come from someone out of the area?  I'm not sure...but we'll do everything we can to market to them just in case!

  • Pre-Marketing of your home:  It is very important to get as much "buzz" happening about your home as possible before we even put it on the market.  This will get agents and buyers talking about your home and wanting to see it as soon as possible.  There are many creative ways we do this and we'd be happy to explain in person (...we can't give away all our secrets!)  Sometimes we can get aggressive buyers to offer our sellers a large premium in order to get the home before it goes on the market.

  • Presenting your home to all the top agents across all local real estate companies/branches:  We belong to a very exclusive network of agents.  Most other agents are not even aware of this network, because they are not eligible (you must be verified to be in the top 10% of producing agents in the county to be invited into the network).  Here's a video which explains a little more about this network (Click Here).     

  • Sophisticated Buyer-Match software:  This is one of our secret weapons!  There are only a few agents who have and use this amazing tool.  It allows us to identify active buyers who are SPECIFICALLY looking for a home exactly like yours.  For example, right now when I run this software for a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom, single family home in the city of Santa Clara for $1,000,000 or above I immediately identify 566 active buyers looking for that home!  We can let them all know about YOUR home, invite them to the open house, etc.  This is one amazing way we get your home extra exposure.

  • Professionally printed, multi-page brochures:  Most regular agents or FSBOs print "flyers" to advertise the home to hand out to potential buyers.  Occasionally these are nicely printed (color) on both sides of quality paper.  Usually these are printed in color one sided on standard copy paper.  Sometimes they are printed in black and white so those agents can "save money".  Not us!  We create multi-page, full color, professionally printed brochures.  4 pages...8 pages...12 pages...whatever it takes to show off the best features of your home.  These brochures help your home stand out and presents it in the most favorable light possible. It creates a sense of quality and elegance which people naturally transpose onto your home.

  • I could go on and on about various other techniques we utilize to get your home more exposure than other agents.  A unique neighborhood notification method to get many of your neighbors to do one critical thing to help us create a sense of urgency.  Target agent marketing specifically reaching out to agents who have bought or sold a property within 2 miles of your home.  Facebook marketing which allows us to put your home's photos/details in front of very specific viewers (...those most likely to be purchasing a home in the next few months).  Our list goes on and on...

It is a great time to be selling a home right now and with an exhaustive marketing plan to get your home in front of more qualified buyers than other agents, we are confident we can outperform those other agents and get you more money for your home.  

For a free, no-obligation consultation feel free to contact me.

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