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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the catch?

There really isn't one...we just like to have fun!  This is simply a free, fun marketing promotion we do for our real estate business.  Our promotions are 100% free to play.  So far we have given away over $170,000 in cash prizes, gift cards, and entries and we have sent 66 of you to play in 96 WSOP events in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe.  Our only hope is that you keep us in mind whenever you come across someone thinking about making a move or has any real estate needs.

When is the next free monthly tournament?

Click here for that information.

Why are we giving away entries into the WSOP?

We enjoy coming up with fun and creative ways to promote our business.  We are hoping that if you have, or know someone with, real estate needs you will feel free to contact us.  You will be in excellent hands!  But even if you don't know anyone right now that has real estate needs you are still welcome to join in the fun! (provided you live or work in Santa Clara County or nearby).

What poker gaming website do we use?

We purchased our own online poker casino software (play money only) to run these promotions on.  That way, we are in control and don't need to rely on any other poker site, administrator, weird rules, etc.  If you ever have a need to host an online poker tournament just let me know and I'd be happy to set it up for you for free.  There is never any cost to participate in these events and you never are asked for private/financial information.

What platforms/computers/etc are supported?

All major browsers SHOULD be supported with our poker software including Internet Explorer 10, FireFox 11, Chrome 14, Safari 6, and Opera 12.1. On tablets and smart phones with 640 x 480 resolutions or higher, the client module will work with iOS Safari 6 for iPhones and iPads and Chrome and FireFox for Android.  This is what I am told but I have not verified each of these.  Your safest bet is on a laptop.  I would also strongly suggest you try to sign in a day early and even play in a free play money table game to make sure all works well on whatever kind of device you have.  If you wait until the last minute I might not be able to help you figure it out.

How to create a FREE account on

All free online events will be held on the Simone Team poker site.  If you don’t have an account, it is free and easy to set one up.  Simply go to and click on Create New Account.  The entire process takes about 1 minute.  Important:  Once you create a free account on the poker site, please CLICK HERE and register for this promotion.  If you have played in our promotions before please try to use a similar Player UserID name so that I will have an easier time knowing who you are.  You will never need to provide us with any personal information (bank account or credit card).   All of the events that I am going to host will be 100% free to play.  If you have any problems with this, please feel free to contact me.

I would recommend setting up your free account a day before the first event you play in (so that you aren't rushed).

How to register for this promotion

First, create an account at  Then CLICK HERE to Register.  I will send out the password for the online tournaments about 24hrs prior to the online event.

Step By Step Guide to Getting Setup

We got tired of having to rely on other poker sites to run our free poker promotions on, so we finally bit the bullet and purchased our own online casino!  This gives us complete control over all the administrative issues, rules, etc.  Hopefully we will never have to change poker sites again!

There are three main requirements needed in order to participate in our free Simone Team Poker promotions.


  1. You must live or work in Santa Clara County or nearby (we are trying to keep this a local promotion and these are the areas where we primarily work)

  2. You need to have a free online account with  If you don't have one already it is simple to setup.

    • Choose a unique Player Name and password when you setup your account.  NOTE: If you played in any of our previous promotions try to use your same Player Name so that I'll know who you are.

    • IMPORTANT:  Your Player Name will be what other players see when you are playing in a tournament.  Please list your Player Name on my Registration form when you signup on this promo website (that way I know who each player is and where to send prizes/etc)

    • Prior to each event, you will be emailed the password for the tournaments.  Just go to prior to the start time, register for the tournament, and you are ready to play!

  3. You must register on this website for this specific promotion so that I know who is playing and who is to receive the prizes (When you play online poker you create a PlayerName, so unless you register on my website I won't know who you are!)  You can register by CLICKING HERE

If you are having any problems please feel free to contact me.

How to find the free online monthly events

Once you have an account setup at, and you have registered on my site here, it is pretty straightforward how to find the free tournaments:

Step 1:  Go to from your computer, iPad, iPhone, or Android.  The poker lobby should pop open on your screen.  Login.

Step 2: Click on the tab that says "Tournaments"

Step 3: Click once on the tournament you wish to register for.  Then click on the REGISTER button in the Lobby window.  A new window will open and it will ask you if you would like to register.  Click "Yes".  Note: We generally host 2 events on a given night so you should register and play in BOTH of them (twice as many chances to qualify for the Grand Finale and to win prizes, etc).

Step 4: Another window will open asking for the password.  Enter the password that was emailed to you and click "OK".  You are now registered for the tournament.   


When it is time for the tournament, make sure you are logged in at When the event starts, a new window will open with a virtual poker table and all the players.  Enjoy!  Note: Late registration is allowed for 30 minutes.  You also need to be "in your seat" (by clicking "Ready") within 60 minutes of the tournament starting otherwise you will be removed from that tournament.

How to get the password for the online event (every month's event uses a different password)

You need to be registered on my site in order to play in these free online tournaments.  To register for this promotion and to be allowed to play CLICK HERE and please read the entire page.

How to get bonus chances at qualifying for the Grand Finale Event

Click Here to see the different ways of qualifying for the Grand Finale Event.  

Why do I have to live or work in Santa Clara County or a neighboring county to participate?

The reason is simple...We run our Real Estate business in this area and this is where we do the majority of our work.  We would like to keep this a local event so that we can send someone from this area to the World Series of Poker.  Only those that live or work in this area will be eligible to receive any cash, prizes, or vacations.  We will be verifying this prior to handing out any prizes.  If you live outside of Santa Clara County and you wish to play, please send me an email and let me know.  We do conduct our real estate business pretty much from San Francisco down to Gilroy, and from Santa Cruz all the way to Contra Costa County.

How to contact Chris Simone

If you would like to contact me please send an email to:

To find out more information about our Real Estate business/services, feel free to visit:

Or, feel free to call me at: (408) 772-7113

Real Estate

Want to know what your home is worth?

Would you like to know what you home is worth and what it would sell for in today's market?  We would be happy to put together a free, no-obligation Comparative Market Analysis on your home for anyone that would like to know.  Contact Chris at:  or call (408) 772-7113

We have some amazing techniques for getting homes maximum exposure when we are selling them, which creates some fantastic results for our seller clients!

How to learn about new listings before most agents even know about them

We have powerful software that checks the MLS every 15 minutes for homes that meet your criteria.  If it finds a new listing, you and I are immediately notified.  The best way to get a great deal is to be prepared and act quickly on good deals before others know about them.  We also have several unique techniques to identify homes before they go on the market, and we also deal with a lot of bank foreclosures and distressed properties for those home buyers looking for a great deal.  Let me know what you are looking for!

How to get the best loan possible

We work with some excellent lenders who help our clients find the best possible loans.  If you are buying or thinking of refinancing let us know and we'd be glad to help you save some money.

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