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How to Generate Points

In each free online monthly tournament you play in, there are 3 ways to accumulate points in every online event:

     Ax:    Everyone that participates will receive 5 points (regardless of how they do) 
     Bx:    Everyone that participates will receive 1 point for everyone that they beat 
                     For example: If there are 100 people playing in a tournament and you come in 40th place, you receive 60 points (you beat 60 players).  If you come in 1st place, you would receive 99 points (you beat 99 other players)
     Cx:    The top 20 finishers of each monthly event will receive additional points (depending on how many participants there were)  Example for an event that has 150 participants:

Top 20 points

1st- 150

2nd- 150

3rd- 150

4th- 100

5th- 75

6th- 54

7th- 41

8th- 30

9th- 25

10th- 20

11th- 13

12th- 9

13th- 7

14th- 4

15th- 4

16th- 2

17th- 2

18th- 1

19th- 1

20th- 1

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