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Tahoe: 2016

We had a great time once again in beautiful Lake Tahoe.  Lots of poker, several bad beats, not enough sucking out... The tournaments didn't pan out as much as I would have liked.  The best I did was being the Day 1 bubble boy just out of the money in their 3 starting day event with 541 players.  I brought along with me the winner of our Simone Team Poker promo#17 Jeff Cervantes (ID: Orion75).  He lasted a decent way into two separate tournaments but couldn't make it to the payoff line either.  We did have one in our group that had a min-cash in one of the tournaments.  The cash games seemed to be the better play and we managed some nice wins there.

We are launching our next Simone Team Poker promo now.  Winner of Promo#18 will be heading with us to Las Vegas in June to play in the World Series of Poker with the pros!  Hope you can join us for this free promotion.  Visit our registration page found above in the navigation to sign up for our next promotion.  Good luck!



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