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Tahoe: 2014

Had a great time once again in Tahoe.  Along with me was the winner of Promo#14 Chris Chiodo.  It was her first experience playing in an official World Series of Poker event.  I must say...I was quite impressed with her play!  She kept our cash streak alive (see below).

Trip report from Chris Chiodo:

First of all, I would like to thank Chris Simone for providing the online poker tournaments and special prizes for the Grand Finale. I attended the WSOP at Harvey’s in South Lake Tahoe and had an awesome time! The WSOP event is a poker players paradise with many tournaments, sit and go’s and cash games all day and night. My best event in the main tournament was a $365 event with 171 players.  I made it to the money!!!   I went out #13 out of 171 players and won $835.00 dollars. My goal was to make it to the final table but going 17 rounds over 12 hours for my 1st time playing in a WSOP tournament was a thrill of a lifetime! I also won $1,600.00 in cash games playing with some pro’s from Las Vegas.

I observed the final table of another Main Event and watched a 29 year old female beat out over 600 players and win $40,000.00 dollars and a WSOP ring. I also observed the final table for the Seniors Event and watched a female win that event for a first prize pool of $12,000.00 dollars and a WSOP ring.

I am very thankful to Chris Simone for providing this opportunity to attend the WSOP and provide all expenses paid plus entries fees into two Main events. Chris’s generosity and prize award was way beyond my expectation. This was a fantastic experience and can’ wait to attend next year’s event!


Congratulations to Chris Chiodo for bringing home some WSOP cash!

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