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Free: Stuck at Home Poker Tournaments Series

During the unprecidented Covid-19 Shelter In Place / Lockdown, we wanted to do what we could to provide people with a much needed escape (...and some fun entertainment).  We hosted 15 "Stuck At Home" events giving away over $3000 in gift card prizes.  I'm glad so many people enjoyed it!  We have since discontinued our "Stuck At Home" series because we've got lots of other poker happening on our site for people to play.  If you are looking for something to do, check out....

Our Tournament of Champions series.  Qualifying events happen every night at 7pm and 9pm with a big prize event taking place on the last day of the month each month.

Our newly announced Poker Promo#28 (Las Vegas WSOP)...You can learn more HERE.



Keeping this info below for historical reference (....or maybe just in case we go back on lockdown!....)

Our thoughts and prayers are with all those families affected by this current coronavirus pandemic.  Stay safe everyone!

Quick How-To CHEATSHEET can be found HERE


Details below...

Since we are all on shelter in place, I thought I would put together a little something to do for all those who want a much needed distraction.  We hosted the first one of these free events on 3/20 and had 160 people join in the fun.  Since then, we've hosted many more nights and it has grown to as many as 198 people.  Let's see if we can break 200 this Friday...So spread the word to any of your local poker playing family/friends/etc...


   - Every Friday at 7pm online

Free "Stuck at Home" online poker tournaments 

OPEN TO ANYONE WHO WANTS TO PLAY... Feel free to forward to any of your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc who live in the SF Bay Area.

Since we are all stuck at home looking for something to do, I thought I'd put on another fun, zero cost, online poker tournament.

When: Every Friday during pandemic lockdown at 7pm (late registration until 8pm)

Where: Online at

What: Zero cost online No-Limit Holdem poker tournaments, including a couple of gift card prizes for the top finishers. Two 7pm events and your should play in BOTH.

Why: Because we all need a good distraction right about now!

No cost. You will need to create an account at and login there to play. Just takes a minute to create an account and doesn't require any personal information.

Note: This tournament is NOT a promotion, advertisement, etc. for this online poker website. The online poker website is owned by me and is NOT used for anything other than fun, free online poker events. It's just something fun that I wanted to do to give everyone something to do while on lockdown...

Once you are logged in, click on the "Tournaments" tab and you will see some "Stuck At Home" tournaments set up for Friday at 6pm and 7pm. You can play in all three. One is a Warm Up event (starting at 6pm) that only lasts about an hour (no prizes...just for a fun warm-up). The other two run at the same time and you can play in both at the same time (they will likely end around midnight).

The psword for all of them is: StuckAtHome (case sensitive with zero spaces)

You can sign in now. If you are registered for the tournament and you are signed into the poker website, when the tournament starts your table(s) will appear. This works best on a computer/laptop or ipad. But it also works on a tablet or even your phone. If you are having difficulty, you should try a different browser. With some browsers, you can have each of your tournament tables open at the same time so that you can see what is happening at each table at all times. You can resize your tables as well. In other browsers, you can only have one table open at a time which makes it harder. So if that is what you are experiencing, try a different browser. I believe Firefox/Mozilla shows both of your tables at the same time.

Prizes for the "Stuck at Home Main Event" and the "Stuck at Home 2nd Chance" tourneys:

1st Place: $50 Gift Card

2nd Place: $25 Gift Card

3rd Place: $15 Gift Card

Bounty prize: $25 Gift Card for anyone who knocks out your host (PlayerID: SimoneTeam)

Bonus: If we hit 200 players (not counting those removed for not showing up) in the Main Event I will add a $75 gift card prize on top for the Main Event. Spread the word!

If you win any of these prizes and I don't already have your info, please be sure to send me an email! (otherwise I won't know where to send the prizes to)

Hope you can join us online! Put a reminder in your calendar :-)

Please feel free to forward to anyone who is in the Bay Area that you think might enjoy a distraction right about now...


Chris Simone


PS:  If you enjoy poker and live in the SF Bay Area, you might want to also check out our other fun, FREE, poker promotion that we host every month.  We give away lots of great prizes including sending our lucky promo winners to play in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas!  Totally FREE to participate.  All you need to do is REGISTER HERE.  For all the details, go to our main promo page HERE.  Over the last 12 years, we have given out over $115,000 in prizes and entries and we have sent 56 people to play in 81 WSOP poker events in Las Vegas and Lake Tahoe.  We are about to start up our next multi-month Promo for Lake Tahoe. Hope you can join us!

Note: You do NOT need to register for our free poker promotion in order to play in the "Stuck At Home" tournaments taking place on Friday at 7pm.  I just figured that if you enjoy playing free poker for cool prizes you might want to know about it.

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