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*** Poker Table Design Contest ***

I'd like to freshen things up with a couple of new and/or seasonal poker table designs.  I thought I'd make it a contest and see what some of you creative people could come up with!

All viable entries will receive a $10 Starbucks gift card.

Winner of best overall design get a $50 Gift Card plus a spot in the 30 person Grand Finale Event in May!

Open to anyone who wants to submit an entry...

The poker table software uses an image as the overall background.  For example:

Stuck at Home With v11 - blue lettering.

The cards, chips, chat box, and betting options all get overlayed on top of this image.  So when I say I'm looking for a new poker table design, I am referring to the overall image as in above.

There are some specifications that need to be met.  Namely:

The main "Table graphic" includes an oval-shaped table over a background design. The overall size must be exactly 700 pixels in width and 510 pixels in height as shown above. The oval shaped table is centered at x:350, y:207 with a width of 487 and a height of 283. The table rim is approximately 11 pixels wide. It won't hurt to be off by a pixel or two on those dimensions.

To reduce bandwidth, you will want to save your graphic to as small a file as possible without sacrificing too much quality.  JPG can be used. Or a 256-color PNG file. The overall size of the file should be less than 80kb.

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